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Best PZV lid,

Ben je geïnteresseerd in een korte uitdagende oversteek naar Woolverstone?
1 juni heen en 4 juni terug!

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Hartelijke groeten,

Marja Snoeijen


The ASCN Regatta Woolverstone 2018 is now open for subscription! We will set sail the 1st of June and expect to return on the 4th of June.
Join this event and together with ASML sport clubs we set sail for research against brain cancer (see more information below).

The registration will remain open until  the 30th of April.

Event information:
The goal Woolverstone, which lies on the “River Orwell,” approx.10 miles upstream from Harwich. The tour is not a competition, but an achievement challenge. The distance from the Roompot to Pin Mill is approx  105 miles
The given distance are based on the most direct route, tacking can considerably extend the trip. The challenge of the rally is in the crossing of about 100 miles by sea. It is a journey in which out of sight of the coast line and must be sailed at night. Under normal circumstances the direct crossing of a sail boat takes about 24hrs, but with light winds and / or wind, this can easily add up. The use of the motor, is allowed. Count on 1.5 days at sea, because there is always a risk of a non sailable course. In addition, it may at night are pretty cold at sea. If possible, try to sail at sea with your new crew  prior to the channel crossing at sea.
To manage your expectations, we made a cost estimation for the crossing.
For an average rental boat with a crew of five persons, we estimate an individual contribution of €135 euro, excluding harbor fees. This calculation is based on experience and could differ based on your own consumption and agreements made with the rest of the crew.
Each skipper is responsible to pay harbor fees locally, this is not yet included in the above expenses.

Brain cancer research:
The Woolverstone regatta crews support brain cancer research in Maastricht, UMC. In the Netherlands yearly 1000 patients face this decease, survival rate is only 0.3%. Children facing brain cancer,  41% children die (KIKA Kinder Kankervrij).
Leo Geujen is one of our colleagues who faced this decease, was operated, treated and recovered but was unable to pursue his career in ASML. He actively promotes brain cancer research as a delegate of the Neuro oncologic department at Maastricht UMC.
The ASCN, as one of the ASML sport clubs have set a target of 3000 euros. This will be reached when at least 6 persons will participate. All participants and their friends and relatives are free to donate as well.
Our club donation will enable Maastricht UMC to research markers, which enable dedicated treatments for patients.


Kindest Regards,

Sjoerd Gombert
ASCN Secretary | Committee Training & Offshore
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